Beer Passport

The Source
Road trips are for people, not for beer. At Chama River Brewing Co., we let your taste buds do the traveling. The combination of craft tradition & local ingredients takes you on a wild journey through our great state. Splash through white water rapids & tour the mountainside on a singletrack trail. Swim in serene river pools, hunt the legendary Jackalope or simply relax on the patio with your trusty dog at your feet. One thing you will be sure to find at Chama River Brewing Co. is adventure in every pint, when you Tap The Source!

Our brewhouse is the heart of The Source. A mere 10 feet from the taps, it is the place where our brewers craft unique adventures in every pour. From our iconic grain silo straight to your glass, you can be sure that our brewhouse is where amazing beer adventures are being crafted with tradition.

Beer Tours
Want to know how your beer is made? Next time you visit, schedule a beer tour. Get immersed in the craft behind the beer in your hand & be the first to know what is on tap next at the Source.

To set up a beer tour please give us 48 hours to set up the best experience for you and your friends. Tours are free so you only need to give us a call to set up a time. (505) 342-1800

Beer Dinners & Events
We offer a unique experience at The Source that allows you to pair a great beer with some excellent food. Our Beer Dinners offer a unique menu and beer pairing. What better way to spend an evening at The Source? Because we want everyone to enjoy the same adventures that can be found here at The Source, we often take the experience on the road to beer festivals all over the country. Find out more about our latest Beer Dinners and where we will be next.

Ready to start your own journey?
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